Configuring for WCAG Results


I’ve installed Tanaguru but can only get results from AccessiWeb and RGAA. According to the Features documentation, I should be able to get results from the WCAG. Is there an installation flag for adding WCAG support that is not listed in the Installation documentation? I have been using this mapping guide but only when my high school french doesn’t get me far enough :wink: I’d even be satisfied if the RGAA results were available in English :smile:


Hi Captain Vitamin !

Thank you for your feedback ! By now you can have the WCAG by using a mapping as you did. Here are a few more information.

The RGAA v2.2 results are only in French, whereas the AccessiWeb 2.2 ones are both in French and English. You may also rely on the official AccessiWeb / WCAG mapping (perhaps a bit tedious to read but precise, the AccedeWeb mapping is great also).

If you feel comfortable with hacking you can build Tanaguru develop branch, and you’ll have parts of the future RGAA v3 (more up-to-date and unifying both old RGAA and useful AccessiWeb, but that’s kind of French-only matter).

We plan to code the WCAG natively in Tanaguru but didn’t had time yet to do it. If you wanna help or contribute, you are warmly welcome and we’ll be glad to guide you ! :smile:

You can check How to create a new rule and also the conference we gave on how to build you own set of rules (gosh, French, not translated, but slides available and you could see our faces in the video :wink: )

Anyway, tell us if I gave you enough information !



I forgot the link on how to build Tanaguru.

Summarized, to build Tanaguru develop branch, just do

git clone
git checkout develop
mvn clean install