Audit stuck in "in progress" state after fresh install



Just installed Tanaguru, and launched my first audit. The only result I have is “audit in progress” and nothing comes.

Do you have any idea of what to do ?

Audit impossible après l'installation de Tanaguru

This may be caused by some permissions not properly set during the installation process. To correct it, just run the following commands:

sudo install -dm 700 -o tomcat7 -g root "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.gconf" "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.java" "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.cache" "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.dbus" "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.mozilla" "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.gnome2" "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.gnome2_private"

ln -s "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.gconf" "/usr/share/tomcat7/.gconf"
ln -s "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.java" "/usr/share/tomcat7/.java"
ln -s "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.cache" "/usr/share/tomcat7/.cache"
ln -s "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.dbus" "/usr/share/tomcat7/.dbus"
ln -s "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.mozilla" "/usr/share/tomcat7/.mozilla"
ln -s "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.gnome2" "/usr/share/tomcat7/.gnome2"
ln -s "/var/tmp/tanaguru/.gnome2_private" "/usr/share/tomcat7/.gnome2_private"

You can adapt them depending on your Tomcat version (for Tomcat6, replace tomcat7 by tomcat6)